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Vinatech Engineering – Other Services

In addition to precision sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining, we offer a number of other services to provide custom metals, plastics, and other products that meet your exact specifications. The team at Vinatech Engineering is committed to providing outstanding attention to detail and craftsmanship throughout all phases of the production process. From initial prototype development to finishing and parts rework services, we are your full-service shop for product design, metal work assembly, certified professional welding, and custom manufacturing.

  • Engineering and Design
  • Parts Rework
  • Welding
  • Hardware Insertion
  • Finishing
  • Wet Paint and Powder Coating
  • Silk Screening

Engineering and Design

Our staff has experience covering all facets of engineering, including mechanical, electrical, and software. We can help you find the solution that is most efficient and cost-effective. Contact Vinatech Engineering today and let our experts assist you in the design and fabrication of your next product.

Parts Rework

We offer expert rework and modification of existing parts. Our experience in this area allows us to perform the tough and labor-intensive jobs that other companies may not be able to do. Our advanced equipment and innovative processes allows us to provide products at a fast turnaround and at an affordable price.


We offer TIG, MIG, and spot welding for all metals.

2 Miller TIG welders
2 Miller MIG welders

Hardware Insertion

We have an extensive assortment of hardware in stock and offer rapid turnaround for hardware insertion.

2 Haeger hardware insertion machines
1 PEM hardware insertion machine


We offer finishing Specific attention to cosmetically critical parts including smooth finishes and line graining in various grits.

Timesaver 36" belt wet graining unit
Timesaver 24" belt dry graining unit

Wet Paint and Powder Coating

We have an extensive assortment of colors, and our in-house spray booth and batch oven allow for a fast turnaround.

10 x 8 x 10 powder booth
ITW-Gema Optiflex Powder Coating system
Rapid Engineering 8x8x20 LP Curing Oven

Silk Screening

We offer in-house graphic design and silk screening. All parts of the screen printing process are done in house which enables us to provide a very fast turnaround. We are experienced in various ink types and multi-color artwork.

Contact Our San Diego Company For More Information on Welding, Silk Screening, and Other Machining Services

For more information on our products and services, contact Vinatech Engineering in San Diego for a free quote. We can provide you with superior design and engineering and outstanding service throughout all phases of the production process.

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